Thematic Music – Drink Up Me Hearties

Saturday, 16. October 2010

Drink Up Me Hearties
Pirates of the Caribbean – At Worlds End
Hans Zimmer

In addition to some good film making, Pirates of the Caribbean also produced some nice soundtracks. This one trickled its way down to me even though I only saw a part of the movie. Up is Down is also another excellent track, both fit well in games that have an “adventure” theme.

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Thematic Music – Bolero

Wednesday, 6. October 2010

Maurice Ravel
Performed by: Andre Rieu

A very interesting constant building of pace, it would be good to see it involved in is proper play.

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Thematic Music – Last of the Wilds

Thursday, 30. September 2010

Last of the Wilds
Dark Passion Play

One of Nightwish’s pure instrumental pieces. There is a lot of variance in this particular piece.

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Thematic Music – Rider of the Astral Fire

Wednesday, 22. September 2010

Rider of the Astral Fire
Prophet of the Last Eclipse
Luca Turilli

I’ve always liked epic metal. Turilli and Rhapsody usually fill the bill quite easily. I don’t think this one is too particularly headbangish.

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Thematic Music – Beethoven Virus

Friday, 17. September 2010

Beethoven Virus
By: Banya

Technically a remix of a remix from my understanding.

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Thematic Music – Anvil of Crom

Thursday, 9. September 2010

Conan the Barbarian
Anvil of Crom
Basil Poledouris

I assume anyone into role playing has probably watched Conan the Barbarian at one point in time or another. There was only 2 parts that really got goofed up in my opinion. The first of which, is that Conan is always described with Raven black hair instead of Arnolds brown locks. Secondly, Conan was smart and cunning, just uneducated. In any case, I think it’s still a great movie.

One of the major seperating points between this and Conan the Destroyer (Which wasn’t quite absolutely terrible.) is that besides having a well thought out plot… Basil Poledouris did the soundtrack for the entire movie versus an small segments. As a result, when listening to the soundtrack you can literally tell which part of the story is being told, even without visuals to accompany it. Absolutely fantastic.

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Thematic Music – The Plaza of Execution

Friday, 27. August 2010

The Mask of Zorro
The Plaza of Execution
James Horner

Classic swashbuckling music if there ever was some. The entire Zorro soundtrack is fabulous.

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Thematic Music – The Devil’s Trill

Friday, 20. August 2010

The Devil’s Trill
Vanessa Mae

Very nice contemporary Violin. The music video can be a little weird, but fortunately it’s secondary and even still its not very hard on the eyes.

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Thematic Music, Dragon Rider

Wednesday, 11. August 2010

Dragon Rider
By: Two Steps from Hell

Some more thematic battle music for the day

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Thematic Music, The Great Empress

Friday, 6. August 2010

Guilty Gear – The Great Empress, (Milia’s Theme)
Daisuke Ishiwatari

Guilty gear was definetely an oddball although well put together fighter. As a bonus the rocking soundtracks are also excellent.

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