No D&D in… Prison?

Thursday, 27. January 2011

Alcaztraz (Flicker, Tim Pearce, Los Gatos)

This is an interesting one related to D&D. Hat tip to Geeks are Sexy for pointing it out. Well, “weird” may be more accurate but it’s still worth pointing out. The seventh circuit court of United States Court of Appeals has ruled that

“After concluding that the popular role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons (“D&D”) represented a threat to prison security, officials at Wisconsin’s Waupun Correctional Institution took action to eradicate D&D within the prison’s wall.”

Go ahead, read the link at Geeks if you don’t want to read the entire brief, then come back here and comment!
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Making Sandboxing Relevant

Friday, 21. January 2011

We can all play in here right? (Flickr, Katmere)

Christian makes a very good point over at Destination unknown, regarding sandbox play.  A truly unattached style of sandbox play can be very distant feeling and is difficult to make work well unless your players are very motivated to get out and do their thing. (This varies a lot with me, sometimes it does and doesn’t work well.)  As gaming is hopefully about entertainment, in order to keep people interesting your game play styles need to vary.  I typically use a semi sandbox style when playing and it usually has pretty good results.
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By the Sword

Sunday, 16. January 2011

This is a project that has been finished for a little while now, but it had some finalizing details to get everything put together and make it work well. Overall time on it was about 3 months, and we took around 3 days filming it. I think our end results turned out very well for having a budget of precisely zero dollars to put this together. Filming was done on a SLR camera, in 720p resolution.

The overall goal was to put together a small promotional video for the Doro I train at in the Detroit area, the Martial Science Center. The Iaido group here is Takumakan and specifically is Toyama Ryu or for those that aren’t in the know… the style taught to Japanese military officers.

There is probably one in the future coming for Jujitsu, but I hope it’s not too soon as this really took some effort.

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Saturday, 15. January 2011

Munchkin - A game of backstabbing. Literally

As I am not a huge card game goer, I finally got around to playing Munchkin from Steve Jackson Games. Of course, this was at a small party with 6 other people. The you are definitely in it for the long haul with that many for all the rules wrangling you can pull off as well as all of the backstabbing.  All that aside, it was still some pretty good times and I can see why its heavily played.

Essentially for those who don’t know (Which is probably everyone except me but I’ll write this anyways,) it’s basically a cardgame dungeon crawl. You start out classless and raceless and at level one. You can pick those up through play, as well as varying equipment that can and can’t be used depending on your race and class. Elf for instance gives you a bonus to run away and gives you a level when you help someone defeat a monster. They also get completely ripped apart by certain monsters that don’t like them. (Better negotiate for some help with those ones!) The idea is to get up to level 10 and win, via collecting loot, killing monsters and any other of the various insane ways to get levels.
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Equipment costs and Advancement

Thursday, 6. January 2011

Yes, this stuff is very expensive for good reason! (Flickr / Laenulfean)

Looking through some posts today, Red has an interesting one on the price of plate mail and why it may or may not be expensive.  The point of interest seems to be the change in prices from Basic through 3e, and then a huge drop coming into 4e.  I will argue in this case that it’s not the time, expense and rarity of the material that determines cost in this case, but rather how much player advancement is affected by it.. and how much it is factored into the characters base level of effectiveness.
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Thematic Music – Sons of War

Monday, 3. January 2011

Sons of War (Shadows and Nightmares)
Two Steps from Hell

A little bit of nice battle music to continue on with the new year. I might have to break down and buy an album at this rate. And the record companies think this produces more losses than gains.. right. I’d have never listened to these guys and just not bought anything were that the case.

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Happy New Year!

Saturday, 1. January 2011

Happy New Year (Flickr / Lel4nd)

Happy new year to everyone out there, hopefully last night was host to some good friends and partying, maybe a little drinking and if you were really lucky, gaming (I was in the last category for a change.) A good start to a new year indeed. Unless of course, you subscribe to the theory that this is the last year there is. I have no such problems however.

So the new years resolutions are something along the lines of the following..

1) Work towards getting self employed.
2) Lose the added holiday weight
3) Game more
4) Write more
5) New locks

I managed to scrounge up an amusing story for new years too.  Apparently while I was away, I had a visitor that made off with some of my loot  (Been a local problem in the apartment I’m in.)   My Xbox hard drive was missing, along with a few rolls of quarters and wait for it… someone fed my goldfish.  A lot… Hmm.

Needless to say, the police were promptly called and as they already had a handle on the situation from some of the previous issues, an arrest was made and the missing loot was recovered.  I was real lucky, in short.  One of the local kids seemed to have managed to get his hands on the maintenance keys for the apartment and was causing some havoc.  Master key problem will probably be remedied on Monday, as I don’t particularly care to have the vulnerability exploited again.  But hey.. at least the fish were happy.

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