Altoids Tin Uses

Monday, 21. February 2011

Peppermint Altoids, of course~

Looking around at AoM (as I have been remiss in doing my reading lately,) they have a spectacular gallery of 22 re-uses for Altoids tins, giving you yet another reason to purchase them aside from tasty mints.  Of particular geeky interest are the electronics lab, dart gun, pinhole camera and finally… the pocket games chest.

The chest is an compact piece of brilliance by Airshipthat apparently has 57 different usable games within its case.  Mini cards, some graph paper, dice, chips, and so on so forth.  A pretty good way of working it, all in all.

The real question of course is, how good of a job can we do at putting a proper RPG into an Altoids tin?  The best solution would be to use the tin to hold the dice and all of the standard paper goodies, and use a smart phone or some reader to hold the instructions proper.  But that eats up valuable battery power, which could be pretty bad if you’re stuck in in an airport or out on a camping trip.  So I think some micro printing, or better yet a good condensation of rules is the best bet.   Any thoughts?

Established Character Destiny

Friday, 18. February 2011

(Flickr / AZAdam) - Pere Lachaise Grave

I like having somewhat detailed characters within my games.    At least, starting with a little bit of details.  Background, family, connections, training and schooling, so on and so forth.  It doesn’t have to be incredibly long, but a couple of paragraphs works wonders in establishing some connection between the character and the player as well as making the involved.

Modern characters though, can take some serious time to put together, particular if you are thinking of doing anything over the equivalent of a level 1 character.  There is perks, feats, disadvantages and flaws and an entire other number of considerations that go into a character that can make them take some serious time in getting together.  As opposed to say, a an old school basic D&D character which you can put together in 5 or 10 minutes and get rolling.

Now of course, the downsides to being long and my thoughts…  Are we establishing a destiny for the character in the process?  Is it simply assumed that this character is going to be great or at least worth something simply because the time spent in the character creation?

The older characters you could simply crush without too much remorse and it would be a fast re roll to the them up to speed as the character concept is finished.  The characters had no real expectations of surviving (particularly at level 1) just as it might be in say actual combat for us standard mortals.

Newer characters of course, you have some pause.  Simply because of all the time invested, that you don’t pick them off on a casual basis.  Of course, maybe that’s just myself.  What are your thoughts on the matter?

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Old school shaving

Thursday, 10. February 2011

Dovo Black Micarta

This Christmas I made the switch over to a straight razor from the standard off the shelf disposables and in a word it’s simply awesome.  There is some therapeutic value in the morning, my face feels a lot better, the shave is much closer to the skin and I find I nick myself less with the straight than the disposables.  There are some downsides of course – a learning curve, a higher initial investment and it takes a little bit more time.  Even if you don’t feel like taking the plunge of holding a 3 inch razor against your neck; there are some partial steps that will yield much better results than the standard disposable and canned crud for shaving cream.
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Mad Max much?

Friday, 4. February 2011

Who needs to go to the post apocalyptic future to see how they refine oil when it can be had right here.. right now. In Indonesia apparently to boot. All it really needs is a couple bleached and oil soaked skulls, some towers and barbed wire.. and of course some guards posted carrying AK’s and spears (because there really isn’t that much technology difference between the 2 sadly.) Leather armor or wearing tires is of course optional.

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