Insidious? Definetely

Thursday, 12. August 2010

Grognardia has brought to my attention essentially a direct copy for Die Cast Gamesof TSR’s “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” for their new Insidious adventure module. Needless to say, there is a lot of controversy on the subject. I would argue that Insidious is the perfect title to it in any case.  I have my grievances with WoTC as do a lot of gamers, but whether I agree or not with what they are doing with their gaming line, they do still happen to own the title and system for Dungeons and Dragons. In my eyes, it’s simply theft unless die cast is has some arrangements or is planning on sending some proceeds to WoTC for use of their title.

OSR and spin offs have brought a lot of life back into the hobby and have made it into a business for some.  Any sort of positive attention that can be garnered is a step forward for the hobby and getting people to play in general.  People being able to make a buck for their time and selling products that are well built is inspiring assuming its from their own efforts.  D&D for all that it does getting people together for gaming, is generic fantasy with it’s own little twist on jumping into dungeons and digging up treasure.  That can be done with any title and system, D&D is just a particular packaging to put it together.

More thoughts later.

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