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Monday, 16. August 2010

Looking around last night, I found a great collection of sci-fi ships, aircraft vessels and the like at Concept Ships.  Definetely check it out, very cool collection of art.  From what I can see a lot of it is Japanese and Anime inspired in terms of design, but the layouts for nearly all of them are excellent. The added bonus of this is that old school fantasy is already somewhat defined in the audiences head.. where as science fiction really needs some added illustration to picture everything clearly. The defineable gap of what each individual person pictures is even wider in that particular case.

The other thing I was thinking of was the very limited amount of actual Sci-Fi RPGs out there in general. Don’t get me wrong they are out there, but for the most part, the main stream market of is seemingly dominated by fantasy.

For fantasy, there is of course the various iterations of D&D, Pathfinder, Exalted, Reaper, Palladium and Tolkien now. There is Warhammer fantasy. I’ll throw World of Darkness in there as well because even though it’s a modern setting it really backtracks and has very good support through medieval times. Most stores carry at least some of these titles, where as the following seem to be very niche. You really have to ask for them.

On the Sci-Fi side, you have Warhammer 40k, Battletech (And associated mechwarrior if you like role playing), Heavy Gear (Dreampod 9 games in general for that matter.) There is also Star Trek and Star wars, both of which are cults within themselves. There is also the equally ancient pair to D&D.. Traveller. WoTC made a brief attempt into generic fantasy with Alternity but from what I can see it didn’t make it particularly far. I think it’s due to the utter genericness of it in general, without attempting to put any particular spin in Sci-Fi. It’s as if it was expected it would succeed just on the companies laurels itself.

The science fiction type systems that did seem to be prevelant in the minds have a good dose of fantasy crossed in. Rifts, GURPS and the like. Perhaps its just clever advertising on part of the sellers, or just that there is enough overlap that you can do nearly anything with them.

I suppose my question then is modern culture simply hooked on fantasy lately, or has sci-fi always been sort of in the backfield at least when it comes to gaming?

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