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Wednesday, 18. August 2010

Very busy week here, so I haven’t had time to write much in between travelling and preparing for testing.  Reading Madbrew here, and he has some good suggestions as to trying to make hobby stores work out a bit better business wise. I’m especially noticing it since apparently more of the boutique type shops around here are just getting absolutely killed. This of course, makes it harder to get various items on short notice..

Most of them are quite good, but the main thing I might caution against with having an event every night is to make sure you rotate what groupies you’re trying to drag in. Otherwise, it’s your events get somewhat watered down and don’t quite pull the people they possibly could.

The ideas on impulse buys are very good, but I would take it a step further. Make it part shop, and part cafe. Providing some good food at a reasonable price is enough to keep the doors open by itself, but makes any events hosted all the sweeter. Plus not everyone has time to cook nowadays, as sad as that might seem.

The other thing I would attempt to do is if the space is available, go with some other smaller boutique type items that are hard to come by.  It might even work out better to have a partner running another store, or perhaps a number of stores all sharing similar interests.  That way you can pull traffic in a mall-like fashion, but it will be far more focused on whats being sold.  Maybe Chinese goods, or some sort of other import business. Anything that is somewhat collectible or nerd related would do very well in my opinion. Even a bigger plus if you do Internet sales, use the store as only pseudo warehousing/show room, and have it be mostly a bonus.

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