Khara Thel – Simple 2d6

Sunday, 7. November 2010

Considering the complexity of some modern games, it seems a lot of them are intent on competing with computers for what computers do best… crunch numbers.  Tactical simulation is one thing however you can only get to a certain point before it becomes a tactical game instead of a role playing game.  This seems ludicrous to me.  Due to this, I am always a fan of looking for simple role playing systems that don’t let their egos get in front of of what a game was designed to do… be played and have fun.

Enter Khara Thel, Simple 2d6. It’s still a work in progress currently, but has a lot going for it. Judging from the lack of setting information I would assume it’s meant to be tuned into whatever setting you feel for now, provided its the proper time frame (Sword and Sorcery.) I’m sure the that will be filled in a bit more into the book proper later… it is there you just need to dig through the blog to find it~

As for whats going for it.. For starters, it is as the title claims to be, simple. The same resolution mechanics are used throughout the entire game system from combat to conversation to spell casting… this is important because it keeps the required knowledge base of the game to play low. That in turn leads to more time gaming instead of teaching or arguing over rules. Secondly; Runjikol has a pretty good concept of how martial engagement works such so that one might infer he is a martial scientist himself. This carries over into the combat system making it look quite good while retaining it’s inherent simplicity. The magic system itself seems to be quite intuitive although a bit light on spells proper at the moment.

In anycase; I recommend heading over and taking a look when you get a chance. Any development information is useful and a good ribbing to keep progress in order is always a good thing!

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3 Responses to “Khara Thel – Simple 2d6”

  1. runjikol Says:

    There’s a system neutral worldbook and I’m working on the Khara Thel Simple 2d6 specific book: which I hope can be used in conjunction with the worldbook (which is system neutral) for constructing games. Feedback is always great to receive.

    Thanks for the review and the “ribbing”. :-)

  2. Grey Says:

    Gotcha, I figured that was the case of it since there was little setting information. Always happy to help, and keep the good work coming!

  3. Runjikol Says:

    I’ve updated this and made it a commercial product. It’s available from rpgnow and drivethrurpg.

    There is still no setting information. It’s implied that the game is for “standard” medieval fantasy settings.

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