Why Game?

Friday, 12. November 2010

“When looking at hobbies it is obvious that some produce more tangible results than others.  After all, many produce beautiful showpieces and show an evolution of ones  character throughout them.  Gaming of course, usually has no such tangible results..  This can lead one to ask the question; why games?

The defining feature of a hobby perhaps is that is something one enjoys doing as a labor of love.  Were it profitable after all, it would be called a business would it not?  We can therefore set aside profit as a primary motivator for hobbies in general.

The true value lies in other places..  providing entertainment as well as  developing associated skills.  In getting our entertainment we might do so passively as in watching a movie or television, allowing ourselves to be entertained.  Then again, we might do so actively as in playing a game and build ourselves in the process.

Of all gaming, one of the defining features is that requires its players to be mentally active.  Depending on the game, either the next set of moves is being played out in ones head.. response times and judgement is being considered or the gears of the brain are truly turning as an engine in creativity in a role playing game.  In all cases the players are actively involved and building skills that can be later applied either directly or indirectly.

Next time you have the opportunity to entertain yourself, what will it be?  Passive entertainment through a movie or something that can be used to further oneself.. a game?”

Busy week here, this is a little piece I wrote for an application to the Examiner.  They apparently would like me to write… for video games..  but I suppose there is enough crossover there to make that a worthwhile project.

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