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Monday, 20. December 2010

Errant cover

Greg Christopher creator of Synapse has decided to toss his hat into the D&D OSR ring on the off chance you haven’t been following.  The entrant in this particular case is Errant.  The systems are quite different however they have a couple of the same flavor elements that marry them in a similar fashion.  Both are of course, free for the plundering however any feedback you can provide is quite appreciated.

The main immediate similarities are that of a simple gaming style, familiar statistics and a couple of old school classes.  Of course, claims of old school D&D being simple is somewhat of a nefarious misdirection.. old school was a byzantine labyrinth of rules and regulations.  Errant really is simple however, staying true to it’s predecessor Synapse.  The game retains the original 6 statistics of STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS and CHA.  Actions that aren’t tied to anything specifically are resolved through a simple stat check.

Major differing points are relatively in depth character creation for an OSR game (Gifts and some character customization in skills) and taking another leap for the time frame.. actual character motivations other than raiding dungeons for loot and fame.  Spell casters in this set are also very specialized and themed versus the generic wizard or mage.  Notably absent however is the cleric or priestly class, with the Paladin filling the holy mans void.

The books artwork is rather light versus some of the major producers, but filled with good quality pieces that have been donated.  The location of each piece is rather well themed and fits in well.  The books character creation and rules flow rather well and is condensed into a neat 80 pages.

Rather than making this review overly long, I will suggest taking a look at it if you’re interested.. (and even if you aren’t~)

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  1. Greg Christopher Says:

    Thanks dude. I need to add more word press blogs to my follow list on Errant, I am behind on my reading. Nearly missed this

  2. Grey Says:

    No worries man, happy to help you out any way I can. Keep up the good work!

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