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Monday, 27. December 2010

NZ Quake - Martin Luff

I’ve read an awful lot of listings lately with various game breakups and for whatever reason, I can’t relate to too many of them. Typically I’ll bail early if I’m not too happy with how something is working out. This is after all, supposed to be entertainment in some form or another. I think I seem to be a major culprit lately in that I have a tendency to get sidetracked by about 600 different things and then have a problem getting back on track to game.

In this case, it’s Christmas gifts, hobbies (a little knifemaking and leatherwork) working on side projects that relate to this blog, finalizing how I’d like to handle a podcast here as well as how to fit it into my schedule, and hopefully another project that I am about to launch here sometime in the new year. Of course, there is plenty of cleaning up from all of that mess to eat up my time as well.. when work isn’t keeping me busy with travels.

Its either that or if its not me.. then everyone just gets busy with real life and has the same problem. Summer and winter seem to be the real major contributors to this. There are either bunches of vacations, activities to make use of the good weather or family is in town in the case of the summer. Winter however is similarly nefarious. Lots of winter plans, hunting seasons, vacations and family and of course planning for the holidays proper all take their toll.

I suppose this somewhat leans into hoping and trying to get around and game more for the new year. Fortunately, entertaining aside (which is of course required) it’s a relatively cheap hobby.

What sidetracks you from games?

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