Altoids Tin Uses

Monday, 21. February 2011

Peppermint Altoids, of course~

Looking around at AoM (as I have been remiss in doing my reading lately,) they have a spectacular gallery of 22 re-uses for Altoids tins, giving you yet another reason to purchase them aside from tasty mints.  Of particular geeky interest are the electronics lab, dart gun, pinhole camera and finally… the pocket games chest.

The chest is an compact piece of brilliance by Airshipthat apparently has 57 different usable games within its case.  Mini cards, some graph paper, dice, chips, and so on so forth.  A pretty good way of working it, all in all.

The real question of course is, how good of a job can we do at putting a proper RPG into an Altoids tin?  The best solution would be to use the tin to hold the dice and all of the standard paper goodies, and use a smart phone or some reader to hold the instructions proper.  But that eats up valuable battery power, which could be pretty bad if you’re stuck in in an airport or out on a camping trip.  So I think some micro printing, or better yet a good condensation of rules is the best bet.   Any thoughts?

4 Responses to “Altoids Tin Uses”

  1. Don Says:

    I know in 4E they have printable cards for each character’s ability; one ability detailed on each card.

    Scale the cards so they fit in a tin…

    If you make an ability score card, skills card, and maybe a feats card, along with the powers cards mentioned above, it seems like you could have, forgive the pun, a canned 4E character.

  2. Grey Says:

    Yeah, I’m talking entire games though. I’m working on squeezing Errant into an altoids tin, but I got stalled because its taking forever to cut the pages to dimension. Sometime this week though!

  3. runjikol Says:

    I reckon “Minimus: Roleplaying distilled to its essence” by Ken Burnside might fit the bill & the altoids tin.

  4. Grey Says:

    That will fit in my billfold :D

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