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Wednesday, 20. April 2011

CC 3

Someone sent me a nice link to some mapping software earlier today, and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experience with it.  The companies name is ProFantasy and they have an entire product line.

The flagship program is called “Campaign Cartographer 3” and seems to be about the best put together piece I’ve seen so far for the purpose. It’s available digitally and you can get the physical product as well if you prefer although it will cost you a little extra money.

Thoughts at a glance
Heavy Duty software
Entire selective suite of software
Priced for it’s capabilities (meaning expensive for more than 1)
Very good looking maps with a variety of products
Modular, with most building off the main software
campaign cartographer)

Anyone have any experience that they could comment on this?

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6 Responses to “ProFantasy Software”

  1. Greg Christopher Says:

    I have the full version of this. And the dungeon mapper. And the city software too.

    It was so cumbersome for me to use that I just steeled myself to learn more about Photoshop and thus I taught myself up to my current level in Photoshop. However, I do not regret the purchase because you gain permission to use all the sprites for whatever you want, even commercial projects. And there are TONS of really great sprites.

  2. Grey Says:

    Interesting, is it an issue of just a crappy interface, or just that there is so much stuff there that it’s cumbersome?

  3. Greg Christopher Says:

    Well, it is based off some kind of industrial mapping software, I want to say CAD but I cannot remember precisely. Anyway, either the interface for that software sucks or I am just retarded. I just couldn’t seem to get things to be precisely where I wanted them to be.

  4. Don Says:

    The couple DM’s I know who use this say it’s great if you have the time and patience to not only learn it, but actually make the map. It’s time consuming but powerful enough to make gorgeous designs.

    I use Autorealm myself. The maps aren’t as purdy, and the sprites (icons) aren’t as nice, but it’s quick and versatile.

  5. Runjikol Says:

    From what I remember it’s a vector based program, like CAD-products. So it’s correspondingly complex. Kind of like Illustrator’s best features. It means everything will scale almost infinitely (if it’s vector based).

  6. Runjikol Says:

    Forgot to mention that I think it is better to put in the time to learn a power-package like Adobe Illustrator. There’s a reason that creative professionals focus on this piece of software over most others. It’ll cross-skill you into many other areas having that knowledge, too. The other issue I have with campaign cartographer is that its results are easily recognisable. If you want individualised maps then CC is not a good choice.

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