Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Tuesday, 26. April 2011

We can only hope they don’t screw this one up as they did with #2 in the series. From the trailer, it seems to be a lot more conspiratorial in nature which is which was really the first games strength. It was plausible, even if far out there.

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2 Responses to “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”

  1. Runjikol Says:

    I enjoyed the first Deus Ex. The second didn’t look like the same team, to me, so I never played it. This one has the vibe of an action-movie and might be very cool. I’ll wait to see a gameplay trailer before I commit.

  2. Grey Says:

    Yeah, you weren’t missin out on much with the second one. This seems to be set in a good setting (although admittedly we’d have to work really hard to get Detroit like that in 10 years), it’s really just a matter of seeing how the gameplay pans out

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