Pen and the Sword is a site started in 2010 that is mostly dedicated to the old school gaming using pen, paper, imagination and varying amounts of dice. Whether it is how to be a better storyteller or GM, player, improving the story, food to eat or the ambiance of your gaming, you’ll be able to find it here.

I say mostly because there are a wide variety of other topics that interest me as well, and I feel well roundedness helps us improve as people. As a bonus, most of these should also carry over to your gaming as well.

Good luck, and good hunting!

About the Author:

Grey has been involved in pen and paper gaming for around 20 years now which he enjoys with a passion in his spare time.  He is active with travelling, martial arts and most outdoor sports.   His background involves military service (USAF), electronics and retail.

Grey can be reached at grey (at) penandthesword (dot) com

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