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If you’re new to role playing, congratulations! Like anything good or bad experiences in the beginning can make or break your interest very quickly.  There is a lot of catching up to do get up to speed on some of the formalities.  Here are a few spots that can help out speed the process and sort out some of the confusion.

The Joy of Role-playing - A brief intro of why I bother to role play
What is Role playing? - What role playing is
Who’s that storyteller? - The importance and role of the storyteller in gaming
Lexicon - Like anything specialized, there is a lot of Jargon involved in gaming.  Here is a quick rundown.
Gaming Options - Some methods of role playing
Character Descriptions - Some are overkill, some are under kill. This is what I find what’s about right.
Character & Player Knowledge - The difference between what players know, and what their characters know.  This is a pretty important concept.

One of the topics I like to particularly get into at pen and the sword is how to improve gaming.  Some of this is covered in the above post, but I think it goes a lot more than that.  Something that we should look at conceptually.. to be able to put together an actual story or novel after gaming.. whether you’re running sandbox style or not. (I prefer sand boxed personally.) 

Memorable Characters – Memorable characters can help things out considerably, here is my method to start producing them.
The Backup Plan - Getting roughly into my style of sand boxing
Building Ambiance – Some methods of uses of more than just our eyes and ears.
Building a good gaming environment – Crappy environments can steal a lot of fun, here are some ways to sidestep them
Tabletop Gaming Etiquette – My take on gaming etiquette, your mileage may vary.

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