House Rules = Cars?

Wednesday, 10. November 2010

Everyone does it to a lesser or greater extent.  We take our systems and tweak them either adding our own rules, changing the stock ones, or removing unnecessary parts.  Hmm, this sounds an awful lot like something else we own.  Vehicles perhaps?  Games; like vehicles are designed to function in a particular fashion with parts changes affecting their performance.  Everyone knows what a “stock” car looks like and how the normal game plays.  It’s somewhat expected that when you’re running a game, that there are some default guidelines that make it what it is.  The question is of course how much can you change under the hood before its no longer stock?  I’ll answer these after I get some feedback of course..

Unfortunately unlike cars there are some other complications behind lots of house rules or rules changes.  Unlike cars, where you can normally just hop in and drive without too many problems rules changes have to be memorized.  They have to be taught and they have to be remembered as well to be put to use and of course there are always the rules lawyers there to protest and exploit.  I’d guess with cars of course, this is assuming you aren’t swapping the gas and brakes or moving the steering wheel to the other side or messing with the shifting pattern…   So what are the structural components that are usually avoid being changed when house rules come into play?

What are some of your standard or nonstandard house rules?

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