Basic life skills

Thursday, 16. September 2010

You might think I’m talking about gaming skills here, but you’d be wrong.  In my travels it seems that more and more of us who have been educated publicly are done so in spite of the system, not because of it.  Just the other day for instance I handed someone a little extra change to get a full dollar back after the register was open.  The person in question froze, as if in a panic… their computer couldn’t save them now!  Fortunately, I was able to tell them they owed me a dollar change, and my day continued rather than having to call for management.  We’re not talking rocket science here.  If we are this deficient in common education, where else as we?

I realize for some of us, that this is simply a case of whats worth more.  Is your money, or your time?  I think in a lot of cases most of us would say the latter, and simply pay whatever dues is necessary.  Done repeatedly though, it leaves us high and dry on basic life skills we might one day actually need it for some reason or another some of our systems don’t work.  I’m just picking these up as the come to mind, so no order in particular.  This list is hardly complete as well.

1) Basic Artithmetic & Reading - Not an issue for my readers I’m certain, but it still needs to be the first thing on the list.  It is virtually impossible to avoid getting screwed in some fashion or another without having at least nominal skills here.

2) Simple Auto Repair - Oil and Fluids, Tire Changing, Light Bulbs, Fuses and the like.  More is obviously better, but most cars can be a real bastard to work on now unless you’ve got some time or talent.

3) Simple Household repair - Light switches, Outlet replacement, Doorknobs, hinges, Toilets, and faucets.  There are innumerable other skills that go in here that are easy to pickup and won’t burn the house down if you manage to botch the job.

4) Situational Awareness – Most of us have this, but just refuse to pay attention to it because it’s inconvenient.  Knowing when a situation is about to go bad or has turned bad and how to get out of there quickly is invaluable. 

5) Basic Self Defense - A rough understanding of movement, striking, grappling and how to use any weapon you might get into your hands on (They all function basically the same) is good in case the above skill fails.  Doesn’t take too long to learn, although it may take a lifetime of refinement.  

6) Navigation /w Maps & Compass – Basic navigation in case you get yourself lost makes it much simpler to avoid, or get out of entirely.

7) Food preparation and Cooking – Very important to know how to make at least a few simple dishes.  Equally important to know how to prepare them without poisoning yourself.

8) Fire starting and building – Takes a little practice, and is invaluable if you’re in any place cold, or plan on doing a little cooking.

9) How to find drinkable water – The body quits very quickly without this.  Drinking dosen’t help out for long if you immediately poison or infect yourself with it.

10) Computer skills – Useful for keeping yours working, and more importantly a tremendous source of information if you apply common sense with how to confirm what does and doesn’t work.

What else am I missing?  Not trying to get too specialized here.

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