Planescape Torment

Friday, 8. October 2010

Planscape box cover

This is time for a bit of nostalgia here.  The game that got me very interested into some of the additional dungeons and dragons setting was called Planescape: Torment and was released for the PC back in 1999 by Black Isle Studios.  For the time, the game was absolutely magnificent… Planescape settings are very bizarre to say the least and the game does a fabulous job of visualizing these and putting a good audio backing to them.

None of the characters are really traditional in any sort of the way.. your main character is the Nameless One; a mortal who dealt his way into immortality.  The character is rather scarred up and frankly plain ugly (as you can see from the box cover) but has a distinct magnetism to him. Along the way is Morte, a floating skull and Dak’kan, a Githzerai who bargined to serve the nameless one until he died.  Sadly, he was unaware of the circumstances.  There are 7 major player characters in all and each has a good amount of subplot and dialogue that you can use to get better information out of them.

The game has a tremendous amount of talking involved in it and unlike a lot of games at least along the main plot point there isn’t a tremendous number of times you really “need” to fight, which is a great stepping stone for crpg’s.  As for non plot battles, you find yourself getting into dust ups quite regularly if you go out of your way to look for them. (and you should, because there is a lot to see.)  The Wiki here goes into considerably more plot and character details that I won’t bother to repeat.

I haven’t played this in a long time, but I imagine that it will require some tweaking to get to run on Windows 7 and Vista platforms… as it seems most of all the older games do.  The game uses the old Ad&d 2e system, which is of course good and bad at times.  The games resolution isn’t quite as hot as it could be, but all in all everything is very well put together with it and something I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t seen before.

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